Songbird workshop

Join me for a fun afternoon shooting a cornucopia of songbirds! Create beautiful songbird images with some truly magical backgrounds. This park is located in northern Maryland and is home to songbird residents that include cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, titmouse, nuthatch, red-winged black birds, woodpeckers, wrens and more! 

Many of these birds are accustomed to humans, as the locals come to the park with corn and peanuts to feed the numerous birds and squirrels that anxiously await these visitors every winter.  

This is meant to be a basic birding workshop that will cover both creative and technical aspects of producing beautiful bird images, starting in the camera and on through the development process in Adobe Lightroom.

 This workshop will be limited to no more than four participants.

Some of the topic we will cover may include, but are not limited to:

  • aperture
  • shutter speed
  • iso 
  • f-stops
  • exposure
  • histogram
  • shooting modes
  • composition (guidelines not rules)
  • creative style - it’s your own; no right or wrong
  • lightroom processing


we will meet at 11:00am the restaurant for lunch, and and talk about metering, exposure, camera settings, and any general questions or topics you might want to discuss.  Bring your cameras!


After lunch, we will head out to our shooting location and shoot as long as we have good light.


From there we will head to dinner, then to our hotel where we will meet in the conference area to develop some of our images in Lightroom.


Hampton Inn and Suites or Comfort Inn and Suites



we will meet at the hotel Friday late afternoon/early evening, get checked in and head to dinner.  Bring your camera gear and we can talk about metering, exposure and settings and have an overall good time.


Saturday morning we will meet in the lobby at 7:00am for breakfast, then head out to our shooting location.


We will head back to the hotel 


photography equipment:

DSLR body, spare if you have one

300mm lens or larger; 400mm to 500mm works best

tripod optional 

storage cards


laptop computer with Adobe Lightroom

a fun and positive attitude